What skills are employers asking for?

At Typist, we build cutting-edge keyboarding software for college students.

To determine what keyboarding skills employers require, we used artificial intelligence to analyze over 600 administrative job openings in British Columbia, Canada. Our goal was to determine:

  • How many administrative job postings require keyboarding or typing skills?
  • What keyboarding speeds do employees require?
  • How exactly do employers ask for these skills?

Here's what we learned.

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Each job represents a job containing the word 'Admin.' in the posting, located within 50 km of the selected cities.

What are companies saying about keyboarding?

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What keyboarding speeds do employers require?

Students attend college to gain the skills they need to qualify for employment. So, what keyboarding speed must a student have to qualify for all administrative jobs? The answer: {{ jobStats.topSpeed.typingSpeed }} wpm.

Top Required Speed

{{ jobStats.topSpeed.typingSpeed || 0 }} wpm

For the position of {{ jobStats.topSpeed.title }} at {{ jobStats.topSpeed.company }}.

Eligibility at 40 wpm

{{ jobStats.eligibility40 || 0 }}%

Percentage of jobs a student typing 40 netWPM is eligible to apply for.

Eligibility at 50 wpm

{{ jobStats.eligibility50 || 0 }}%

Percentage of jobs a student typing 50 netWPM is eligible to apply for.


Students attend college to gain the skills they need for their careers. However, learning to touch type at the speed expected by employers requires consistent practice, excellent instruction, and great software to support the student's journey.

Using the same techniques of data science and machine learning that we used in this analysis, we build industry leading keyboarding software to help college students achieve career success.

This data science analysis created for the faculty at British Columbia's BEAC Conference on May 2nd, 2018. If you're a faculty member who would like to learn more, please click here to contact us, or click here to learn more about Typist.


Matt McInnis, CEO Typist.